Challenges in your job

Challenges in your job are also unique opportunities to enhance new possibilities and successful changes.

Do you find yourself at a crossroads? Are you still looking to secure that dream job or are you facing important choices about the direction your working life will take? How should you deal with workplace challenges or find the right balance between work and family? How would you feel if you had a more satisfying and rewarding career?

If at this time you are facing some challenges on your own career journey, then you will know just how important these questions are to continue your life voyage successfully.

Career coaching not only provides a structure to help you review your career, find direction and clarity around what you really want but also helps to develop a definite, practical strategy to make the changes required, whether in the same or an exciting new role. This can include

  • Discovering new roles and possibilities
  • Identifying your transferable skills and experience
  • Managing your own resources
  • Profiling your own personality
  • Reviewing your current career from a fresh viewpoint
  • Increasing your self-confidence, gravitas and influence
  • Expanding your leadership and management style to increase impact


Personal challenges

Take your private challenges as a chance to have a look back and a look around you – you will find a new orientation or a different path and personal growth towards happiness.

Our private life influences us much more than we might want to admit… It accompanies us while we are at our job, at an education and fills our head with constant impulses. Our private life fills us with resources, strength and happiness. Private challenges and stressful situations can throw us quite dramatically off our path – the good side is, that these challenges also provide opportunities for even a more fulfilling life… Find your own very personal way to happiness:

  • Get your work-life-balance sorted in a way you can enjoy each part of your rich life
  • Getting back on your feet after a separation
  • Getting accustomed to Switzerland and its particularities
  • Finding your own joy in life

Training and education

Education and particular training in specific areas will guide us directly towards our personal and professional aims.

Nowadays, we simply cannot stand still and observe, we constantly move forward and get extra skills by following a supplementary education. This is part of the deal but it also presents many challenges, and may reveal some questions such as:

  • What aims do I have in life and work, and why would I make this education?
  • How do I want to get started, and which education is the right one for me?
  • How do I find my personal resources, and can I develop my own learning strategies in order to be as effective as possible?
  • How can I find a balance between work, social life, family and every day’s business?
  • How can I set my priorities?

With tailor made strategies, we will guide you towards your personal success.

Companies and institutions

Coaching, mentoring and training as an important way to your company’s success and growth. 

For companies we offer intern coaching, mentoring and training for changes within the organization, challenges for employees as well as managing and implementing career programs.

Trainings: we specialize in training marketing, communication and management. We will provide a tailor made program according to your needs including documents, training, feedback etc. either at your location or at another convenient location.

Marketing projects: Analysis of your company and market, strategy, concept and specific measures, either by outsourcing your marketing or by mandating particular domains of your marketing activities.