How many sessions of coaching do I need to meet my aims?

In general we consider booking between 4 to 6 sessions, all depending on your issues and challenges you want to focus on. It will be discussed when you first contact us and you will get a status during the process.

Does my health insurance pay for a coaching?

No, they don’t as coaching is considered as a personal development and not as a treatment for an illness. However it will provide you with supplementary strength and determination for your personal life.

How do I proceed?

Feel free to contact with us, we will then discuss all the details or drop us an e-mail.

Will my boss know about my personal issues if I am sent to a coaching or mentoring by the company?

No, your personal challenges and issues will remain between nb-profiling and yourself. Your boss will be informed about any progress in general and about measures to be taken if it concerns the company or the team (e.g. education plan etc.).

Does nb-profiling train/teach in D/E/F?

Yes, we have the skills to train/teach in all three languages.